KOKOS is a small cosmetics company that makes 100% natural beauty and skincare products such as deodorants, shampoos, hair conditioners and lip balms. All products are hand-made produced in Estonia.

The products are made by avoiding any synthetic ingredient possible to guarantee the most natural product the customer can have. In order to come up with such product, there is no water added at all in KOKOS´s deodorants, shampoos or lip balms. This way no preservatives are needed to be added.  All products are handmade and packaged either in biodegradable cardboard or recyclable plastic.

Our story started off when the founder, Tiia Rodi, was desperately looking for a 100% natural shampoo which would be free of any chemical. After effortless research, the idea to make her own shampoo was being planted in her mind. Her first powder soluble shampoo was born in 2013 as well as the company Kodukosmeetika OÜ. After some years of experimenting with various beauty products as a hobby, she ended up making natural deodorants, shampoos and lip balms. In 2016, our deodorant won the award as the best organic beauty product at Anne&Stiil Beauty Favourite.  

What is the main philosophy of KOKOS today?

-          To use pure, natural quality ingredients which are minimally processed

-          To prefer Estonian based natural raw materials as much as possible

-          To preserve nature and to use packages which are environmental friendly and recyclable. 

-          Ethical and cruelty free production.