Did you know that...



♦ KOKOS´s products contain no water in order to avoid adding preservatives 

♦ our products are 100% natural and it is basically edible. Nothing harmful will happen to you!

♦ our natural deodorant won the award as the best ecoproduct of Anne&Stiil Beauty Favourite 2016


♦ our dedorants are free of aluminum, natural aluminum salts (alum potassium) and synthetic fragrances

♦ it would be best to apply a thin layer of the deodorant and let your armpits "breath" for a second. 


♦ our water soluble shampoo is an unique product created by a recipe of the owner of the company

♦ natural shampoos do  not foam much just like our shampoo. Regular shampoo contains sulfates that make shampoos foam.

♦ if you use our shampoos you also do a favour to the environment as the rinsing water does not contaminate natural environment

♦ once you mix up the powder with water, it would be best to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to get a viscious mixture